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From Baby Boomers to The Plastic Generation – Max Kolonko at The Goethe Institute in Berlin

“In a sense we can talk about exceptionalism of American youth which stems from the exceptionalism of America; the most powerful economic and political system of the twentieth century. America’s military, political, economic and cultural hegemony in the modern world is comparable to France of Louis XIV which established French economic, military and cultural domination on most of the seventeen century Europe forcing European monarchies to adopt the French language and French style “(…)  More…

Max Kolonko on Polanski in The Huffington Post

The climactic scene of Roman Polanski’s 1962 classic Knife in the Water leaves the characters torn at the crossroad of their lives. It is ironic that the author of that film masterpiece, Polanski, found himself 32 years ago at such an intersection and made a decision to bail.

Read more in The Huffington Post: Max Kolonko-Polanski’s Pardon? Not so fast..

Max Kolonko and Liberty win two awards at Effie

Max Kolonko and Liberty Direct has won two awards at this year’s 9th Effie Awards. In the category: Launch – Max Kolonko, Liberty Sequeros and Group66 Ogilvy were the Silver winners . More…

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